We offer unparalleled quality in manufacturing, making our machines highly reliable for uninterrupted production

Customer Care

Whether it’s video tutorials for trouble shooting the machine, or live support over voice and video calling, we always put our customer relationships first.

Cost Efficient

We focus on providing quality for an affordable price, making sure every chocolatier’s dream is fulfilled with Chocky.


Whether you’re a seasoned baker or a newbie, our machines are the most user-friendly in the market to work with

A Melanger
for every scale

Starting from homemakers who are passionate chocolatiers, to those who make chocolates on a large scale, we have a melanger for each and every one of them. As versatile as chocolate is, so is our range of chocolate making machines.



All chocolate lovers will agree that nothing tastes better than homemade chocolate! With the Maxel Chocky Chocolate Grinder, this task becomes even easier. For chocolate that is fine in texture, delicious in taste and great in consistency, Chocky is your ultimate choco-buddy.


Our Maxel Inclino is the perfect partner for commercial production, thanks to the adjustable pressure knobs, the use of granite stones to make molten chocolate, the dual cooling fan system, and also the controller panel where speed can be controlled.

Aiding chocolate makers in preparing mouth-watering chocolates since 2009.

About Us

Maxel have been a preferred south indian cuisine kitchen equipment brand for more than 35 years. With decades of experience in quality machine making for the food processing Industry, we introduced our Inclino series melangers in the year 2009. With many make-sell-feedback-modify cycles, our melangers have been the most preferred in the market over the years.

Introduced the model chocky in the year 2016 for those passionate chocolate makers who want to make it in small scale. We ship the products to any place around the globe either through FedEx, DHL or TNT or as cargo shipments on CIF/FOB basis to all ports right from our factory all the time.